MAMP Pro Replacement Icon

A "fer fun" replacement icon for egged on by Galen Gidman.

Attached is full 512px preview image, and a ZIP with .icns and .ico files. Have fun.

INSTRUCTIONS for OSX: Download Zip and extract the .icns icon file to your downloads folder. Open Applications > MAMP Pro (folder) > > Show Package contents > Resources and find the default mamp-pro.icns icon file. Rename it to something like mamp-pro-PREVIOUS.incs. Then copy and paste the new .icns file into that folder, and rename it the same name as the original icon ("mamp-pro.icns"). Restart MAMP and you are done. Also, if you have MAMP saved to your dock, remove the current icon from your dock and install it there again.
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Posted on Aug 7, 2012
Joel Glovier
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