Playground 💫 Animations

The in and outs of Framer’s Playground animations are now in the Framer X book!

How to start an animation with a tap, or automatically, or while tapping. The different animation curves, easings, spring animations, how to stagger animations, cycle between animation states, create a sequence of animations, how to animate borders, shadows, which other properties you can animate,… all of it.

I provided both Override and Code Component versions for every example animation.

If you’re not a subscriber, check out these free 🍰 chapters that explain the basics:

Animation 🆓
The Animate property 🆓
The Transition property 🆓
While Hover and While Tap 🆓
The useState() hook
The useCycle() hook
The useAnimation() hook
Tips for Overrides
Animatable properties
Animation curves
Animating a Scroll Component
A Frame’s animation properties

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