Mathematics Across the Curriculum Posters

Triptych (I just really wanted to use that word, probably won't get to use it again for a while!) of Maths posters created whilst working with The GORSE Academies Trust. These were created for The Ruth Gorse Academy, at the request and in close collaboration with their head of Mathematics who also provided all of the content and put a lot of effort into giving feedback which helped them turn out so well.

They were printed and displayed in the secondary school's maths classrooms and helped engage students with the subject in a more fun way by presenting the problems with modern designs replacing the old dry posters that blend into the background because they look the same as every other classroom poster. I did really enjoy seeing them when I visited the school on the wall.

I totally stole the background colour for this post from Innocent Smoothie's website for their yummy blue algae drink which I've been mesmerised by and presumably is the colour of my blood now, I hope. Mwa ha ha.

Craig Thompson
Graphic Design to Embolden Brands

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