Hot Luck Music Lineup Poster

This vintage-grocery-store-ad-inspired poster for the Hot Luck music lineup was such a fun copy & design exercise. How often do you get to make a thing with little gems like "ASK US ABOUT FISH!" and "100% NUTS"? There's also a whole loaf of bread, pile o' nuts, and some nice, juicy, Leftover Salmon.

These old ads were so un-designed with a crazy mix of type and layout. I totaled out with 9 typefaces: Ginto Nord, Agipo, Mabry, Flare, Filmotype Keynote, Filmotype Leader, Brite Script, and Harry Obese.

The numbers matter so much here so I struggled to find a good fit. My solution? Just make some! Was it necessary? No. Was it worth it? You bet your sweet bread loaf it was!

Peep the attachments to see the halftones in FULL GLORY. It's 100% NUTS.

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