Alabama Label Illustration Vintage Collage

About a year ago I had the honor of doing a label illustration to represent the state of Alabama for a nationally recognized brand that I am not at liberty to disclose, haha ( But I would certainly ascertain that if you were to take a guess, due to the extreme color palette you could probably do it.)

I had a ton of fun working on this and even though we (@Kendrick Kidd and I) missed on also getting to claim our own home state of Florida, I am super stoked on how this turned out. I have a ton of Family from ole Bama and have spent a lot of time there growing up in a neighboring state. I truly felt like this loose vintage style of illustration I have been working on for a while now also fit the aesthetic of the state perfectly.

Super pumped to be a part of the project and to be featured among the fifty rad labels from other great illustrators. Find it on your local grocery and market shelves today!

See the full illustration in the attachments!

Tron Burgundy
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