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Draki Hero is an AR video game for children, based on the classic Hot and Cold game we all used to play when we were children.

A video sample on the folder shows how it works at a glance, and several CTAs have been included, both to download the game and to share how you like it on social media.

We've used purple and fluor green as primary colors, as they are the colors of the artifact that shows up in the game. Our mood board revealed those are two children-friendly colors also used in many analogic games.

The typography we've used for titles suits the joyful look and feel we wanted to transmit on the site, yet it's perfectly readable.

Draki Hero is a Z1 side project crafted by Z1 Lab Team, hope you have the chance to play and rate it if you (or your children, nephews or nieces) have fun with it! ;)

You can join us on Product Hunt and vote Draki Hero up!

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