Snowbird Mobile Site Prototype

Snowbird mobile prototype


See the attached video demo

Live mobile site prototype link - - you'll have to use your iOS safari browser on your iPhone - it doesn't support landscape mode - but the final site will. Android / Chrome will also be fully supported before it goes live (which is still a ways off). The goal of course is a great mobile website that feels native for both Android and iOS browsers.

Safari browser desktop link demo (must use Safari for now) -

We've been working on the mobile snowbird site in "secret" for almost 2 months now give or take a week. By secret, I mean the transitions / UX framework. We've decided to release an older prototype into the wild. Full Disclosure - we honestly thought we had something fairly unique until we saw a mobile weather site with a very similar interface / transition structure a couple days ago. Therefore, we decided to release this for you, mostly so people can see we actually didn't rip the weather site (this isn't something that can be created overnight and sold through to a client). It just happens to be a freak case of coincidence. So here it is - an older prototype of the early framework for the mobile site transitions.

The UX features a locked nav on top with a weather dashboard shortcut. You can swipe left or right to change browser history - instead of just tapping the Safari browser back / forward buttons.


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