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Contractbook - Global Templates Management

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Hi Dribbble 🙌🏻

Today I would like to present you a prototype explaining the part of a new upcoming feature in Contractbook - Global Templates Management.

Global Templates Management.
The process is started by admin, usually a lawyer, who needs to share templates with either customers or his coworkers. It is crucial that when a Global Template is updated by an admin, it gets updated for every user that has access to that template.
User can be either a lawyer's client or the lawyer's colleague. He can't edit the template, but he can use it to create a draft.

The shot I uploaded above doesn't show a wonderfully pampered interaction, showing amazing micro-interactions. It is a very simple prototype, created in 1h 30m, in Principle. With a small amount of effort, we, designers can deliver incredible values. Thanks to prototype like this one, you are able to - get feedback from the other designers, discuss it with developers or with the product team, show the idea to investors or test it with the user.

Sounds good? Stay tuned!

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