Formula 1 - Drivers Browsing

Formula 1 Drivers Browsing

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I’ve always been a huge fan of Formula 1 motorsport and it was also a big part of my dad’s Sunday rituals to make a great dinner, following the intense start and then the strategy all the way to finish.

Today’s Formula 1 app features a pretty unique and decent design language with certain elements bringing in the theme of racing. However, what feels disconnecting is the use of imagery and lack of immersiveness. We are talking about racing here. An intense sport driven by top talented drivers with complete focus to get it each and every move right.

Images should be utilized to its full potential and give each of the driver its deserved space. With that said, we should not complicate it. I kept it simple by blowing up the imagery to a full-bleed canvas, adding key driver information in the bottom away from the image and topping it all up with a unique approach to motion and progression through the view.

What do you think about this approach to browsing profiles? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Stay tuned and follow for further updates!

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