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so i was thinking of other things that i would like to see for iOS, this time i specifically focused on the iPad. All you ipad owners will know that the notifications bar comes straight down the middle of the screen (and not the full screen) and for me it feels like a quick solution as the assets and size are exactly the same as the iPhone 4/4s

now i'm not sure if anyone has made a concept like this but this will be similar to the notification centre which will be in Mountain Lion, the simple sidebar is awesome and i couldn't really see any reason that it wouldn't work on an iPad also.

I have attached the full screen for you to see how this looks, i have also put it on my iPad and it looks awesome, obviously a swiping gesture from the right side would change the page so this would be accessed view a 2 finger swipe or some other funky gesture :)

you can view the full project here :)

as always feedback is welcome :)

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