Recipes Searching AR App

Hey guys, it's meal time!
When you got to the point that it's time to cook something we already have an array of options to choose from. We can ask friends, browse youtube channels, look-up for something specific in our favorite recipes website, open a common cooking app on smartphone. So we thought of this context when you have ingredients in place but still, it's hard to say for sure what you do with them.

We ideated around neuro-networks and how they can simplify this job for people. It led us to the app that can have image recognition combined with a database of various recipes. To decide what to cook user scans available ingredients with a camera and then the app shares delicious recipes based on identified items. What do you think of this idea? Would you give it a try?

We plan to post shots with a better pace than before, so follow us and stay fullish :)

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