Tommy Perez

OFFF Festival "Totem" Book

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Stoked to have been asked to contribute a piece to OFFF Barcelona’s 19th book, entitled “Totem”. A Totem is an object of power, it's that thing that works as fuel and inspiration for creators.

My Totem piece description:
So many things from my past have inspired and shaped who I've become, it was too hard to pick just one. The View-Master toy supplied many awesome escapes and wonder. I love music and remember recording some of my fav tunes from the radio, trying to record the whole song was such a fun challenge. Video games and computers have always been a part of my childhood. Late nights with family and friends trying to beat a game seemed to have set me up for late night design sessions. Skateboarding was and still is a huge inspiration for me, from the tricks, board graphics, fashion and culture; it keeps fueling me. Whenever I get stuck on a project I switch gears and pick up my board. While focusing on trying to land tricks my brain is working in the background helping me find a solution to my design problem.

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