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Book Time Animation

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Book Time Animation logodesign branding animation time clock book logo

My friend @Lazar Bogicevic and I came up with this concept while we were working on a logo project 6 or 7 years ago. Actually, we were participating in a logo contest on one of the most popular graphic design platforms for freelancers. The brief on the contest was very poorly written and we didn't get much info from it, but we liked the name - Book Time. After we came up with the concept for the logo we learned that the company wasn't related to book reading. It was about booking tickets. :) Ok... maybe it wasn't the brief. Maybe it wasn't Book Time at all. Maybe it was Booking Time... who knows. But, the lesson was learned. Read the brief first(carefully!), then start working on the design.

Happy World Book Day! Keep reading! ;)

Animation made by @Marko Lakic

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