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For the last month, here at San Cristóbal Seguros, my team and I have been working in a new exciting product.

San Cristóbal has about 80 years in the insurance market and, in all this time, receiving claims from people that were involved in a car accident with one of our members was a messy process.
In each branch, employees follow a specific protocol that is not aligned with the rest of the company when a new claim arrives and as a consequence customers have very different experiences, from excellent to frustrating.

After doing a lot of research and talking with specific people (clients, claimers, employees, leaders, customer service, call centers, front desk, etc) we understood that the main problem was in the process of enter a claim. A lot of people would have to drive to a branch and ask personally the required documentation to make a claim, this meant, in some cases, to ask a free day at work to go and fill up a claim for a car accident where he or she is presumably innocent. Believe me, that is not cool and you probably agree with me.

Following the 20/80 mantra (20% of the effort brings 80% the results) and we arrived to a very simple solution: A landing page that will introduce to the user the required documentation for each type of claim followed with a simple form to upload documentation.

This was a success, not because people like the design but our product and business team could -for the first time ever- know who was the claimer, how was the process in each branch, what were people feeling and thinking and even aiming marketing campaigns to this segment. We learned a lot. For real.

We aim to develop more useful products for our clients and the people around us here at San Cristóbal Seguros.
We truly believe that insurances is about people and so we are working to make our context a better place.

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