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This an interface for a weather app that i designed for an hackathon called #iohack in San Francisco.

This is just the way i would like to see the weather information on my iphone.

We realized a mobile web app with this interface, using html5, css3 and some Mashery's api.

When you swipe left you can see the app's settings, for example you can chose the gradient's colour, change the weather location etc, swiping on the right you will see the hourly prevision of the current day.

In the main screen, tapping on a day, you will see the detailed information about the day: wind, pressure etc.

The intensity of the daily colour changes in according to the daily temperature

Thank you very much @Adam Whitcroft for your awesome weather icons.

Remember to check the attached images or follow me on Twitter to stay updated :)

i have added the hourly prevision: check the new attached image.

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