Storytelling in UX Illustration

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From the earliest childhood and for the whole life, people love stories. It's not only about books or movies, - that love goes far beyond. We strive for stories in marketing and advertising, in client services, in a series of pictures on one resource, in shows and events of all kinds. As well as in user experience design for websites and applications. And today our illustration is all about storytelling in design.

As we mentioned in our review of UX design trends, the trend of custom graphics has opened the wider perspective to storytelling in the interfaces. More and more websites and mobile apps turn to specially designed characters showing the story, setting the atmosphere, sending the message or presenting the benefits in the way that corresponds to the mood, tone, and voice of the platform. Original characters help to make the interactions more human-like, set strong visual associations with the real world and instantly transfer the needed mood. What’s more, depending on the composition, the characters may become an effective tool to make the page or screen dynamic and lively. As a practical examples, welcome to check the practical case study on website illustrations for storytelling. Catch the vibe and tell your stories!

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