Rise of Owltron ツ

This is a rough shot - just couldn't hold it back any longer. Still not entirely finished, but hopefully cool enough to justify dribbbling it.

Check it out: 1600 x 1200

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Owltron is Robot of the Day at Year of the Robot!


1) Found Mike Cumming's awesome owl tattoo on Dribbble.

2) Then it went like this: "Mike, how about a robo-futuristic version of this?" - "Do it!" - "I'll do it!" - "Cool!". Did it.

3) Owlified Mike's drawing in modo 601, to become a tactile robo-futuristic owl.

4) Rendered with left-to-right 1-point light setup for a dramatic look.

5) Post-processed in 2D to add subtle fog, volumetric lights and glows around the eyes.

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