Alfa-Bank concept mobile app

Alfa Bank Ukraine is one of the largest Ukrainian commercial banks with international capital. The Bank provides convenient modern banking solutions to customers in all segments: from individuals to major companies, being one of the leaders in the new technologies introduction.

Contest participants were asked to develop a design concept for a new mobile bank application. Its basis should have been the design of the application’s main screen and a designed solution for two user scenarios: - card order by a person who is not a bank customer; - opening a deposit by a bank customer.

We tried to make the registration of a new user as easy and fast as possible. The minimum of unnecessary details and the minimum of time spent – that was the main goal.

When developing a custom scenario for creating a new deposit, the goal was not changed, another one was added. The maximum customer confidence in what would happen to their money. Minimization of failure and maximization of understanding of what the output would be.

Posted on Apr 1, 2019

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