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This logo is for a supercomputing startup specializing in high-value resource optimization needs at an enterprise level, such as companies in the shipping, production planning, and financial industries.

The full company name will likely by Prose Analytics, but we're choosing to simplify the logo. In fact the creative brief dictates that the aesthetic is to be elegant, sophisticated, and simple, yet also powerful.

I cannot easily think of brands whose visual aesthetic is both elegant AND powerful — that latter feeling usually comes from knowledge of the brand's authority in their space, how they operate, of the products or services they produce.

I can think of companies whose branding looks "elegant" or "sophisticated," but whose visuals don't necessarily say "powerful." Think Nordstrom or W Hotels.

Similarly, I can think of companies whose branding looks "powerful," but they can hardly be considered visually elegant or sophisticated. Think Nike or Dodge trucks.

Questions for you:

1) Can you suggest any brands whose image is both elegant AND powerful? Tesla is the only one I can think of so far...

2) International followers: Is their any negative connotation to the pictures Prose symbol or name that I'm not considering, as an English-speaking American? : )

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