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Mobile Fitness App - Book Class Screen Redesign

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52 Week Challenge.

Each week I will redesign one (1) screen from an app that I use on a daily basis. The goal is to enhance the user experience and improve the overall aesthetic of the screen.

Week 2: F45's Mobile Fitness App - Booking Screen.

F45's app might be the definition for utilitarian... it does what it needs to do... but it does not inspire. I found the experience of finding a class then booking it a little cumbersome, with all the different screen one has to interact with to get results.

My solution is simple: I removed the extra steps by merging 2 screens into 1. F45 always runs the same workout classes on a specific day, so instead of listing time slots to choose from, I decided to first let the user choose a date that they want to book a workout for, give them all the information about that days workout, then let them choose their preferred class time—minimizing the amount of screens to interact with.

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