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GLOBAL WARNING : A raw reminder of what’s to come

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A global warning against global warming.

When I have been looking for ways to get people to do something about global warning, I have usually seen activists say that the most important is not to make people feel sad or guilty.
And one day, I thought that this strategy is so ubiquitous now, that maybe people are forgetting what is at stake, therefore not taking the matter seriously. I kept hearing:
"I'd rather look after humans than nature and endangered animals"
"You ecologists think the world is one big, fluffy, pink cloud"

So I wanted to make a crude raw reminder:
❗️The planet doesn't need to be saved. Humanity does.

This number (calculated by DARA NGO) illustrates how dramatic the consequences are and how soon they are coming.

To be honest, I don't think my message is especially effective.
I actually don't think 10 seconds can be.
I just hope it will be easier to inspire people with alternatives once they know how badly we have to change.

For a motion design course at HETIC, I was given 10 seconds to explain a number. The video had to start and end with the black dot on white background, so that it can follow and be followed by the other student's work. I was given two weeks and shamefully did this the two last days because climate change is all about procrastination, you know.

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