Vlad Solomakha

Kasta Android Checkout

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Recently I was making an order in Kasta android app and noticed that they implemented some parts of checkout that I designed more than a year ago (gosh, feeling old). I guess I can share now some 'fancy' work in progress versions that never make it to the production.

For a long time, Kasta was a traditional online shop, but eventually, it began to move towards marketplace (so 2018), with various sellers with their own warehouses. So, as a result, our customers started getting several shipping fees & dates for products in the same order that we displayed in 1 text field with no proper explanation and visualization.

Along with that, we wanted to rework our bonus selection system, indicate weight affection on delivery price, promote our analog of Amazon Prime Delivery and leave the place for informational and promotional blocks marketing team bagged for.

And don't get me wrong, the previous checkout was a nice dude but… he can't deal with these all new cases. So it was a perfect time to create a new iteration of it.

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