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Cards details screen of MBway App - Revamped concept

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Revamped concept for a portuguese payment app, called MBway from SIBS.

Manage your dailyand MBNet cards, instantly.
From your daily banking cards to a virtual MBNet card, managing them is now easier. Pay online and send money with total security and transparency.

Separated actions according to each card. For banking cards, you can enable or disable 2 key options, "Send & Receive money" and "Online payments". In this way, you can chose for what you want to use.

When for MBNet cards, user can have an "extended monthly limit" - I believe it could be helpful for those whom use them to pay online subscriptions for instance.

I also added a feature that it's not - yet - available in Portugal, the chance of adding an MBNet card into our Apple Wallet and use it when paying with Apple Pay. I thought it could be also helpful to be shared with others (1) via Apple Wallet. You can also manage by edit, freeze or delete this MBNet card.

(1) - My case study on this was based on kids having a limited virtual MBNet card where they can withdraw money or buy online with total control from the creator of the card.

What do you think?

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