Moir - Ecommerce UI Kit

Let me introduce you to my latest product for Everyone –  The Moir - E-commerce UI Kit . This super-robust kit is going to speed up your commerce app design workflow with 40+ screens.

Trust me! This is literally the only set you are going to ever need to make excellent high-quality designs in no time. 

👉 Download the UI-kit

What is inside this kit?

• 40+ Unique Screens • 100+ Smart Symbols  • Customisable Colors & Fonts • Minimalist Design • Free Fonts  • Available for Sketch & XD

What you can build with this kit?

High-Quality Designs
Design Concepts 
Basic Mobile Design Systems 

I have built this kit to improve my very own app design workflow.
After spending a month to complete this kit.

Hope you like it! Press "L" on your keyboard if you do and follow me to not miss upcoming work.

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Posted on Feb 9, 2019

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