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Paprika Logo brand identity typogaphy photography logo

Hi Dribbble! 👋 Years after being invited, I’m finally being brave and posting my debut. I am self-taught, which could lead to a heightened imposter syndrome. Even with this logo, there’s more I’d like to refine and perfect. But in the spirit of the tech industry, it’s time to ship. I always welcome constructive criticism, so please leave some.

This logo is for our next generation component library to serve our engineers. It will be on Github, T-shirts, stickers, and of course Slack as an emoji.

After sketching different directions, I decided to make a P letterform out of the actual spice, paprika. I dumped some on paper and let the material direct the style of the letterform. The scattered bits of paprika and rounded corners were a happy accident. I took pictures by a big window on a cloudy day. When I shared the end result with the project lead, his delighted reaction felt great. 🙂


P.S. My team is hiring a UX/UI Designer in Vancouver, BC. We are open to remote (some on our team are remote, including our design director). Apply here.

P.P.S. The insanely talented @Focus Lab is finishing up a rebrand. I am very excited for our company’s new name & logo to be unveiled soon.

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