Illustration for "You want to leave this Room?" dialog

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I worked on developing this illustration style for several months last year and then continued to iterate on it until last month when the company was acquired.

The client: a fully secured digital collaboration app with chat, rooms, file storage, and shared folders as the main features, all under end-to-end encryption protection. The premium subscribers had a 500gb E2EE cloud storage and there was also a free version of it available with unlimited chat and file transfers.

The illustration style needed to describe someone who you can entrust with your most important documents, who is approachable & friendly (an immortal branding goal), and with an affinity for social justice which I translated as “a genuine concern for the problem this app solves”.

Unfortunately this company was recently acquired and all this work will be very soon taken offline. Check out the project this shot is part of to see a bunch of other illustrations made for in-app use.

If you want to try out the app you can still download a mobile or a desktop version from AppStore or at

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