My Proposal - Animation


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I'll admit, this isn't the most "designed" piece in the world... but it's the most important design I've ever made!

I invited all of our friends over for a Housewarming Party Cookout Saturday Night. Everyone was out on the porch having a good time, playing games and eating all the fantastic food I grilled. After it started getting dark, my buddy and I snuck in to the house and started shutting all the lights off, leaving my framed print sitting in front of a blacklight on a table in the living room. I called everyone in so that I could present Stef with her housewarming present that I made her. Once I read it out loud to her and all of our friends, I flicked off the blacklight that had been charging the glow in the dark ink so that all anyone could see was the "Marry Me?" She said YES!

I guess I'm going to be pretty busy designing our Save-The-Dates next!

Thank you Mama's Sauce for the printing and getting these back to me so quickly!

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