Portfolio Website Concept

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This year, my goal is to redesign my own portfolio site as I think it's a good way to reflect what I've been done so far for the previous year, fun and interesting projects wanted to share with my prospect clients. And I will try to make it a habit for every year resolution.

This design is just a warm up shot, nothing serious and final yet. Interesting fact, I did this entire design in @Figma app in order to test out their features. It's indeed an awesome tool that might be a game changer in the industry.

Of course, Figma has its own pros and cons too. Below are my thought after using it.

1) No version needed whether you're using Mac or Window, it doesn't matter. You can just login to Figma and start to work via browser! This is really something that make it outstanding in the market.
2) Auto save feature! Which I think it's very important to all of us.
3) Tools are easy to use, shortcut keys were great!
4) Learning experience is easy if you're famiiar with using Photoshop or any other design tools.
5) The file stores in the cloud but not in your own desktop, which mean save memory space!
6) It can even be using for prototyping and a lot more to discover!

The only bad side - Brush is not available. If you'd like to create some fancy design, you might need to create and import it from Photoshop/Illustrator. Just like the brush shape that I created in this design.

Overall, really feel WOW with @Figma, I'd definitely use it to do wireframes, design and prototyping in the next project soon!

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