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So this is done now.

This is a bit of Javascript that pulls information about shot's presence on Dribbble's Top 100 list and displays it on the right side panel. See attached shot for various shot states that script understands.

If you are on Chrome -

If you are on Firefox - vanityFlair.user.js - make sure you have the GM add-on installed.

If you are on something else - there's a bookmarklet to try (drag vanityFlair.js link to your bookmarks toolbar and then click on a shot page to activate) and there's a source code to hack. Pull requests are accepted and appreciated.

If you are on IE - I'm sorry.


There is a simple cron job (scheduled task) on my own server that pulls 5 x 20 pages of Dribbble's Popular list every minute and diligently records its contents in the database. The extension/bookmarklet then simply polls my server and gets back the data required. Very uncomplicated.

Here's for example, the data for this shot -

And here's the same for a popular one -


This is a part of my Internet Improvement Project, which includes another Dribbble extension called Is A Follower.


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