Proptiger_UIUX Casestudy

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Hey Folks! Today, property upload tool of traditional Real-estate applications are no longer effective. The modern-day property upload tool should be more centered on homeowners and brokers that would allow them to upload their property details faster and what is in it for the sellers to take the additional Pain to fill all property details. The flow should be seamless enough for the user to fill the property Details along with uploading photographs. Once the user uploads a property, during the course of the property promotion, he might want to review and edit his properties and it's important that a quick editing mechanism is also provided which makes it easier for the seller edit the details. Here is the App concept. Hope You guys like it. ----------------------------------------------------------------

Follow the link for the case study: https://www.behance.net/gallery/74323485/Proptiger_UIUX-Casestudy


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