Midwest Mutt Shop Product Shots

Had some fun yesterday evening photographing some doggo sweaters for Midwest Mutt Shop and thought this may make a fun ad on Instagram later 馃槃.


Shot on an iPhone X with some white poster board, fishing line, a white hanger and two studio lights that usually sit in my office.

Quickly edited the photos in Photoshop (Camera RAW mode to get rid of anything in the background and a handy dandy eraser + mask)

Exported the photos one by one at 1000px by 1000px

Opened up CloudApp and made a screen recording of the photos as I arrowed up and down through them.

Dropped the GIF in Photoshop

Masked it to hide some grey lines

Dropped our new beautiful logo mark as a layer (by the AMAZING @Leah Quinn )

Exported the GIF 馃槃馃殌馃惗. Now I just need to finish photographing products and get them added to the store 馃檲

Posted on Nov 24, 2018
Waldo Broodr每k
Hi there 馃憢馃槃

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