Hey guys,

Brisk is a bueaituful & simple to use wather app.

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Big thanks to an awesome iOS developer and good freind Franz at Taptanium for contributing a lot of his time and throwing ton of cool ideas at us!

This app will work similar to a regular thermometer. The hotter it is the higher info-box goes with matching warmer color. And of course the other way around for when it gets colder, but I really wouldn't know how it would work as I live in a steaming FL.

It would have an animation happen when app loads. And here are few little features:
1. tap on info box to expand and show more details
2. swipe right-to-left info box to see weekly forecast
3. settings for location or use local weather as default.

See attached weather-explained to get better idea.

Let me know what you guys think, this is pretty raw idea so any ideas, suggestions or comments are welcomed and highly appreciated. Thanks!

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Posted on May 10, 2012
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