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Facebook banners for Football team

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Facebook banners for Football team pitch spotify duotone soccer graphic design homemade sports football banner social media facebook

Hi folks !

This time, I share with you a recent work. This is some banners for publications on Facebook. I’m part of a football team as a graphic designer and they asked me to create a banner for their weekly publications.

Here, you can see 4 versions of banners for 3 competitions :
- Top-Left : Championship match
- Top-Right : Cup match
- Bottom-Left : France Cup match v1
- Bottom-Right : France Cup match v2

Except the fourth banner, each banner is a homemade creation. I made some pictures of the stadium by myself with my own camera. I love the duotone effect of Spotify. I think it’s really trendy so I decided to apply it on the pictures. I chose these fonts and patterns to create a feeling of great event.

Personnaly, my favourite banner is the third. The France Cup is one of the biggests competitions so I chose to use colors of the french flag. I think that made sense.

The fourth banner is not my creation at 100%. The background is an illustration of the official French Federation of Football. Logo and slogan are too. But that makes the event more official.

You can see all banners on the Facebook page here. New ones can come up.

Hoping you’ll appreciate my work. Don’t hesitate to comment.

(The pitch in the background of this shot is a homemade too. I can share you my PSD if you want it ! )

Cheers !

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