Marketober is here, and with it, Marketo unleashes their new brand!

We had the pleasure of meeting the incredible Marketo team in San Mateo, CA to work together on their new vision for the company. The result: a bold and best-in-class brand system that retains the heritage of Marketo, but takes a huge leap forward in modernizing their visual identity.

The mark accomplishes a few things: We wanted to retain the growth storytelling from the previous four purple bars, but told from a fresh new perspective. It seemed natural to lose one bar in lieu of gaining a monogram to rally around. We also wanted it to appeal to small and enterprise level businesses alike.

The typographic system also got a refresh. As the lead type, Marketo is reppin’ Centra No.1 from Sharp Type. It adds a modernity and extreme flexibility to the brand. Graphik for body copy and smaller text rounds out the rest of the system.

As for the purple, we heavily saturated the previous purple (We ain’t scared), added a navy base, and infused some energy with sprinkles of light blue and gradients.

We are excited to take this next step with Marketo and their customers into the future.

Take a look at the full case study here:

Huge shout out and props to the entire Focus Lab team who were involved in this massive undertaking. This wouldn’t have been possible without you. 👏

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