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This is one of our favorite projects. It's an analog of one of the largest carpooling services "Bla Bla Car", but with additional features that simplify life a lot.

For example, if you follow the same route to the work daily, you can pick up a passenger who is working at the same location.

We've made a deep research. Our designer reviewed all comments in the App Store & Play Market, created personas, used Jobs to be Done approach in order to design the most user-friendly interface for this target audience.

The success of the application depends on the design. 95% of the user has no idea what kind of technologies are used in the app.

83% of iPhone applications are deleted soon after being installed. The retention level for Android is also similar – even 90% of apps are abandoned quickly and almost 30% within 10 minutes after being downloaded.

Why? The most common reasons include the bad first impression – poor design and UX.

Never skip the prototyping stage in your app development process!


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