Project Fullstar ツ

Taptanium secret

Taptanium 303. Ingredients: 95% Taptanium alloy (electron configuration: classified), 2% silver (electron configuration 4d^10 5s^1), 0.5% gold (electron configuration 4f^14 5d^10 6s^1), 0.2% palladium (electron configuration 4d^10), love, awesomeness, sugar (synthesized). May contain traces of peanuts and ice cream.

What it does: Helps you make the best decision. In a super cool, intuitive way. Uses a mundane scientifically proved method and adds tons of fun to the process. I need something like this all the time, and figured it would be cool to make an app for this. One that doesn't suck like a clogged vacuum cleaner :D

The UI turned out a bit darker than I actually intended... guess I can't help it. Dark stuff is pretty. UX wise a brighter UI might be more appropriate. Whatcha think?

TestFlight beta testers wanted! Email me:

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