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I've spent the last few days iterating on different versions of a survey for new Zello users. We've recently discovered a host of interesting use-cases, and plan on serving a localized survey in a number of languages in order to see where those use cases uniquely apply.

This design was ultimately rejected out of concern that it would be misunderstood as a way to customize the content that users would later see. It's an understandable concern ā€” we want a feel for the user's intention, but we currently don't use that intention to customize content, and asking for the user's preferences would be confusing when it doesn't route to the expressed intention.

Designs were made in Sketch, and the prototype in Origami. It's three screens, starting with our production Sign Up screen, then replacing the current next-step with this survey, and then finally booting the user out of the Sign Up flow.

I'm still trying to push what can be done with Origami ā€” for example, this prototype read contents from two remote JSON files, populating the survey page, as well as modifying layout. Tapping the status bar opened a settings panel where one could switch between survey cohorts (we intend on serving different questions), as well as localizations, card styles (y/n images, y/n gradients), and grid styles (1col, 2col, 3col). Origami unfortunately doesn't make RTL languages easy, and the Arabic localization was limited, but passable. Otherwise, the prototype's behavior is as close to production as I could make it ā€” the survey options randomize with each session, except for the "other" option at the end, and the different localizations all appear as they should in the actual app itself. I'll publish a write-up later on this method; I've found it really cuts down on iteration after handoff to the engineer, and it's better for all of the team to provide feedback from the prototype, rather than once it's actually in progress of implementation.

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Posted on Sep 12, 2018
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