Socialis 3 - PSD, GIF & Cutouts

As I've got a lot of requests to update my socialis pack, I actually had some time to do that yesterday!
There are 24 different social networks included and 4 different types, that sums up to a total of 96 icons. Every icon is remade, but I kept the same styles so you could use these together with the old ones. The icons are 100% vectors which means that you could resize them into any size you like. The cutouts are 50x50 and PNGs.
Are these for free?
- Yes, you could say that. I've decided that you get he whole pack for a single tweet, and for that I'm using the "Pay with a tweet" feature (Facebook is also supported). IF, you don't have a twitter account or facebook account you could send me an email and we could figure something out!

I hope you guys enjoy these as much as you liked the previous socialis icons.


Download for a tweet right here

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