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PixelCamp - Pencil

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PixelCamp - Pencil logo logotype typography type lettering custom type hand drawn logo design script pencil sketch wip development draft wordmark process

Sketch for a logo I'm working on with Chris Brauckmuller. The goal is to reflect a camping, outdoor-retreat sort of theme with some script lettering reminiscent of wooden signage. The overall style needs to be solid, simple and masculine (nothing fancy, childish or too playful) and on a straight baseline. In terms of use, it'll be primarily on screen and have to work well at small sizes.

The final version is going to have a straight 'L' (instead of the loop) to make it a little less informal and not too much like handwriting. I'm also working on reducing that inevitable 'P-i' gap and fixing up the angle of the last 'p' as it's falling off a bit.

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