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GoJob - App Redesign

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EDIT: We finally uploaded the result of our redesign working in real life here, check it out!

Last week we announced with my dude Arnaud Dorgans that we were working on a redesign of a Product of a company in our Area that really inspired us: GoJob.com.

Last week, we shared the landing page redesign of the company, and now, after a week of hard work on the product, we are happy to finally share with you guys a sneak peek of what the application is looking like!

We recreated everything from the start, analysed the needs and the idea of the company, recreated a new UX flow, designed the UI in a "clean" way according to the work we already did on the landing page and we took the shot to make some new features proposal (By of course keeping in use the core features that are already used in the application).

Arnaud which is in charge of the iOS Development is almost done and we should be sharing a quick video of the application working in real life really soon, so stay tuned!

Hope you guys ❤️it!

Have a good day :)

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