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Hey guys!

When I launched Hixle 1.0 my goal was to allow designers to find the latest resources based on the best designs from around the web. It was a simple directory without all of the bells and whistles. Since then it has grown into quite a robust platform. Over the past year I have listened to the feedback from users and new, useful features have been introduced. In fact you may not even recognise the new version from the previous. So by saying that, I would like to introduce Hixle 2.0!

Hixle 2.0 has been built from the ground up and improved upon iteratively. The new version features a brand new minimal UI and improved performance. More importantly, new features have been added to help designers make better design decisions, become more productive and help organise their resources.

List of the new features found in 2.0 include:

- Live trends. Explore trending resources based on not just popularity, but on community votes
- Explore popular resources based on multiple categories such as futuristic styles and pastel fused palettes
- Select any tag or category to see lists of related resources
- Now you can search for anything using the search feature!
- Stay connected outside of Hixle using our RSS feed
- Join our weekly newsletter showcasing the best designs from around the web
- Cultural design trends. Introducing a cultural design challenge to uncover how designers see the world by describing resources with one word
- No need to rely on the experts anymore. Create, view and share a diverse range of collections of resources created by designers like yourself
- Keep track of your most loved resources with the new profile page
- Explore similar resources for never ending inspiration
- Explore which styles use a certain font to see it live in action!
- Tried and tested. Explore the latest font pairings found in the best designs from around the web
- Explore popular fonts commonly used with each other
- Explore the closest free alternative to the most popular premium fonts

Feedback is always appreciated. Please do get in touch at yourfriends@hixle.co. Enjoy!

P.S. Check out Hixle 2.0 on ProductHunt: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/hixle-2-0. I've also written a Medium article about the importance of side projects. Check it out at https://medium.com/@circularchaos/why-every-designer-needs-to-tinker-with-a-side-project-c2e194ea8ea0.

Also credit for the apps shown in this shot will be put in the comments below.

Posted on Jul 2, 2018
Designer of products.

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