Levi's Times Online - circa 2001

Screen shot 2010 01 27 at 4.34.53 am

Well, this was one of my first attempts at web design/development! It had a few PHP includes, (way too) many HTML tables as the design was done in Photohop using some layers from a template included in PS 3.0 (?)…

The interesting thing was my clear vision for a blog even though I didn't know the term or concept back then. The hole point of this was to replicate a newspaper (hence the name) as to keep my family in Portugal up to date with my life (while in college in the US).

Well, no shame in showing this now! Like they say: "It's what I did then that got me where I am today".

PS: Can't wait to look back to what I design these days in, say, 10 years! :)

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