Otis College - Creative Economy Microsite

This was a fun project to work on. In about a month and a half, I created a microsite template for the Otis Report on the Creative Economy. I completed this project from the design phase through to its eventual creation as a Drupal template, so the disciplines involved included UX / UI design, front-end development and a little back-end development. Some assets (such as some of the icons) were provided by other members of my team.

Overall, I'm pleased with how it turned out and I definitely learned a lot! Certainly a lot to improve on next time as well.

Some of the programs / projects used in creating this template:
* Foundation 6
* Scrollreveal 4.0
* Anime.js
* Prioritynav.js
* Rellax.js
* Adobe XD
* Adobe Illustrator


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