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Hi everyone! It's been a while. πŸ‘‹

This is a project I worked on with @Sam about a year ago for our school (Bergen County Academies). While it was never implemented, it was very fun to work on and explore how we can improve the student experience at BCA.

Also, this was before Sketch2AE was around, so I ended up slicing and import png-s from Sketch into After Effect (hence the low amount of interactions shown here. I know, you can stop laughing,Β it was my first time).

More about the Project
At Bergen County Academies, teachers are constantly putting the effort to meet student interest and demands in new classes. Every trimester, students are surveyed for teachers to determine what elective classes to offer.

Two main problems:
1. There is no easy way for teachers to accurately determine demand for electives (due to things such as scheduling).
2. The existing experience is terrible (too much friction) and many students end up not filling it out.

After hearing the complaints of our peers and experiencing the problems ourselves, Sam Olaogun and I conceptualized a much quicker, delightful experience for students.

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