One old photograph and your rebound!

Rebound 01

I had a little idea about an (unofficial) Dribbble rebound playoff. It would be very great, if many of you rebound this shot.

The Challenge: It´s very simple. Take this old photograph (shows the Manhattan Bridge Construction in 1909) and make a great looking shot out of it. So it´s about one photo, your creativity and a rebound ...

Download the photograph:

I decided to give a (small) price for the best 4 shots till 30th of March 2012. The 4 Winners will get a copy of the 5th Issue of "Timotheus" wich is shown on my most "successful" shot on dribbble:

Thanks for joining the Playoffs. Good luck!

UPDATE #2 //
The Winners of the challenge are:

1. @Arno Kathollnig
2. @Josh Boaz
3. @vinslëv
4. @Tommy Brabham

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