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Day 128/365 - Gmail Android App - Redesign Concept Material 2.0 - 2018

Redesign Tuesday:

For Redesign Tuesdays, I usually would incline to redesign interfaces that I have been using regularly.

After the Google I/O Announcement, I was pretty pumped looking at the new apps and features Google bringing out.

Google launched a revamped Gmail on the web, not long ago. But they haven't updated the design for the mobile app. Probably it is under development or they didn't bother to tinker with it, as it's already working great.

They do have a new theme going around called the Material Design 2.0, which can be already seen live on apps like Tasks, I/O, News etc.

Applying the principles and design guidelines from those apps, I've tried incorporating the new Google Design language into the Gmail Android app.

What do you think of this approach?

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