AIO Travel Booking App Concept | Day 105/365 - Project365

Day 105/365 - AIO Travel Booking App Concept

Super Sunday:

This Sunday's super app is an "AIO Travel Booking App".

This Idea popped up while I was searching for flights and other means of transportation to a particular place I hadn't been before.

Finding the right flight at the right prices, hotels, coupon codes, discounts was a hassle. Everything had a different site to visit and prices were all over the place.

I wanted to make this process simple. Why not just enter your destination and view all the best available options for transportation?

You could not only view different brands, you could also include govt. services in this.

Hotel bookings? Done. Experiences? Done. Food spots? Done.

This would ideally be the ultimate app for your travel needs if it ever gets to be made.

What is Project365?

Let's work on something great, together!

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