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Just wanted to create a cool hero image for the Curse Of The Freelancer project on Behance.


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The Story
I wanted to start a little side project called Curse Of The Freelancer. My aim here is to show my experiences of when times can get alittle tricky when freelancing. I have been freelance for many years now, and I honestly wouldn’t want to do anything else. It gives me freedom with time, the opportunity for more family events, type of client and preferred design direction.
It does, however, come with risks...

In this series I want to share my personal experienes of my freelance wars, as you imagine things are not always plain sailing. I want to show this is a fun way, to help make designers aware of the risks. I do not want this to be seen as a negative overview/vibe of freelance, just more of a realistic one (from my perspective).

I hope this will be a good source and if I can help in anyway I would see this as a success. I am also open to hear other freelancers stories too.

I have many more designs/explanations I am working on, so do keep posted over the next few weeks.

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