New Portfolio

Many (many) months overdue, I've just launched the re-design of my portfolio website.

While I did still quite like the previous version, the new content I had was outgrowing the format. The categories dividing the work no longer made much sense because of too many crossovers and it was also bothering me how restricted the presentation of the work itself was.

The new layout for the individual project pages allows for more variation depending on the type of work and lets me easily describe and illustrate the design process.

Undoubtedly some things still need fixing and proofreading is tedious, so let me know if you notice anything (spelling mistakes, broken links, browser issues..) I don't have access to many mobile devices, so if someone could let me know if it looks ok on an ipad, etc. that would be great. Thanks!

Claire Coullon
Custom logotypes, hand lettering, typography & branding.

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