Bojan Joncic

Product page - inVision Studio

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Product page - inVision Studio gif animated ios ux ui typography invision product icon flat design app

A few days ago, Clark and good folks from inVision took pity on us and decided to give us a ticket so we too can jump aboard the inVision Studio hype train.
When we received the early access email… boy, we'll never forget that day - it felt like the design will never be the same again. Heck, it felt like life will never be the same again.
So naturally, we immediately stopped all of our client work and put all of our projects on pause. Nothing was more important than making an animated dribbble shot, being amongst the pioneers - being at the forefront of changing the design game forever.
You are looking at the result of our baby steps with inVision studio - a completely pointless feed and product page, that will never be built or serve any purpose other than being pretty (to some). But as design gurus of today say - “If it’s pretty, it is useful” - we are bravely stepping into a new dawn of… design.

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